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Writing Tips for Academic Writers

효과적으로 영문 논문을 작성하는 방법

We are the global leader in providing scientific editing services to non-English speaking researchers in all fields of ac ademia. With over 25 years of editing experience, eWorld's President and CEO, Jerry Nairns has worked hard to assemble a large team of talented, highly-educated editors who understand both the linguistic problems non-native English writers have, and how science should be written.
Since 2003, eWorld has edited hundreds of thousands of manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals, in addition to grant proposals, theses, and other types of academic writing. That experience has enabled us to offer advice and tips on solving the problems we see regularly in our work. Please click on the links below for these tips – they can help you produce a better manuscript! Check back often or bookmark this page, because we often add new topics.

Writing Tips I / Writing Tips II
국내 저자분들이 영문 논문작성 시 범하는 실수와 문제점들을 지적하고 완성된 영문 논문을 작성하는 효과적인 방법을 제공합니다.


Best Practice

TIPS.01 What is Scientific Writing?

TIPS.02 Start Your Paper

TIPS.03 Outlines

TIPS.04 Major Points

TIPS.05 Writing

TIPS.06 Plagiarism

TIPS.07 References

TIPS.08 Joumal Submission

TIPS.09 Figures and Tables

TIPS.10 Other Paper Sections

TIPS.11 Example Submitting to Nature

TIPS.12 Advice from Naturd

TIPS.13 Responding to Reviewers

TIPS.14 Citations and Reads