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Tips on drafting cover letters
Tips on drafting cover letters for 1) original paper submission and 2) revised paper submission.


Cover letters for original and revised paper submissions are key to submission success. First, include the name of the journal editor to whom you are submitting your paper or to whom you are submitting a revised manuscript, along with their official title.


For an original submission, state the title of the paper being submitted and succinctly describe the study on which the paper is based in terms of background, study aims, key findings, and the importance of these findings to the field of investigation (e.g., neuroscience, oncology, pediatrics). This should be no more than two well-constructed paragraphs.


The next paragraph should include a declaration that the paper is not being submitted elsewhere. Then, thank the editor and supply the corresponding author’s contact information. Finally, include a list of potential reviewers at the bottom of your letter if this is permitted by the journal.


For a resubmission letter, state the paper title and journal submission number, and thank the reviewers and editors for their review of your study. Next, state how any changes to the manuscript are shown (e.g., red or blue ink or highlights in yellow or blue). Then, attached to your cover letter, you will provide point-by-point responses to each editor and reviewer comment detailing the changes you have made in the manuscript to address their concerns, where applicable.


Using this basic outline, you can produce a well-written cover letter that puts your best foot forward when submitting to high-impact journals.